Wanna Feel Like a Million Bucks?


I don’t know about all of you, but bra shopping has been the bane of my existence for over 20 years. As a busty plus-sizer, I wanted the pretty with the functional, but in my stupidity, I always sacrificed the function for the pretty. Now, as I am finished breast feeding and I snapped the underwire in a bra last week, leaving me with only one, I decided I needed to check out Ella Coco in Sherwood Park.

On a quick lunch break, I headed over and walked into a neat and tidy store with great displays and an upscale feel. This should make you feel good, right? My heart kind of sunk a bit, because you know, I’ve been in these places before – beautiful lingerie, but nothing that worked for my size.

I was greeted quickly by one of the owners, Brenda, who asked if she could help me find anything. I told her what I was looking for and she escorted me to the fitting area. She was quick, knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable as she measured me. She returned quickly with a bra to start the try-on process and after three, she knew what she was looking for.

I had no idea what I was in for. The bras she chose for me were still pretty, but man-oh-man, did I notice a difference. First of all, as we have all heard a million times, I had the wrong size. I needed one size down in band and one size up in cup. Secondly, I wanted one that had at least a little padding, but Brenda gently guided me to the fit and sewn type all the while explaining why I actually didn’t want a formed cup bra.

After the size was determined, Brenda supplied me with several different types to try on in several price points, including the formed type. Let’s just say, as with anything else, you get what you pay for. I tried all of the bras, but eventually got to one that I can only describe as the Cadillac of all bras. But it just felt amazing. No itching, pulling, spilling over, completely supported – and my shirt looked great. Sold!!

And then I took a look at the price tag. Yikes!! So, in all honesty, this bra was pretty close to double the price of what I have ever paid before. So I took it off and tried the ones again that we had decided were the next best thing. I’m sorry – we had hit the land of no return. I honestly tried to like the other ones, but once I put the Cadillac on again, I knew I couldn’t get anything else.

So, the real name of this bra is the Deauville by Prima Donna. The tag on it says:

Ode to Curves

It takes you 10 seconds to feel the perfect fit. It takes us 18 months to create the perfect bra. This bra is designed meticulously to embrace your curves and accentuate your natural elegance.

You know what? They aren’t lying. Brenda told me this bra comes from Belgium and that they know what they are doing. There’s never been a bigger truth.

Long story short, it’s comfortable, I look probably two cup sizes smaller and I feel like I’ve never felt before with respect to support AND the kicker is, it’s still pretty. Thanks for a fantastic experience, Brenda and Ella Coco! And as for the price? J cups are worth it and so am I.

Images courtesy of Ella Coco Lingerie